Professional Diplomas

Based on CADCAMCIM’s continuous success in the field of professional training programs it has been cirtified by SOLIDWORKS as a “Certified Training & Support Provider”to be one of a few training entities that are known for their excellence in Egypt and Middle East.

CADCAMCIM organizes large number of profissional diplomas, which represents series covering current trends in professional and executive development globally.

The diplomas are organized to highlight on the major manufacturing, business, and technological issues facing today’s organizations while striving to compete in an ever growing and competitive global market.


Starting 2005, CADCAMCIM has embarked a new field of professional development, which is the field of short workshops and seminars.

Workshops from our enthusiastic experts have take our clients, prospects and students inside the most captivating scenarios coming out of the design and manufacturing world.

Short Programs

One of the main added value and deliverables of CADCAMCIM is the tailor made programs which are customized to meet each organization special development and training needs.