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SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (EPDM) provides an easy way for designers to collaborate on product designs without worrying about version control or data loss. EPDM is designed for organizations that have anywhere from three designers to hundreds divide engineering work among multiple locations and/or outsource engineering work.

Share project information across your global team with minimal effort. Easily manage product structures up front in the design process, and then quickly document designs for manufacturing and assembly. With access to information from everywhere, all stakeholders stay connected to quickly move product development forward.

Collaborative Sharing for faster development and decision-making

Easily access social collaboration and online data management tools.

  • Use the new 3DDashboard to easily aggregate data from any source to help you make design decisions faster
  • Easily access eDrawings®, DraftSight®, and SOLIDWORKS CAD files
  • Create private design communities to capture project requirements, concept ideas, design decisions, and critical feedback from colleagues, suppliers, and customers
  • Share designs with customers or project managers

SOLIDWORKS Treehouse helps you manage product structures up front

Enable top-down design by visually creating assemblies.

  • Manage product structures at the beginning of design projects
  • Import existing assembly files for graphical visualization
  • Easily develop new product structures using an intuitive user interface
  • Leverage existing bill of materials for faster new project creation

Web2 for SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM adds mobile connectivity

Connect to SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM from any location.

  • Access your design information from any device
  • Browse folders, view file information and thumbnails, search, and change file states
  • Support for key file types, including Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®


SolidWorks Enterprise PDM capabilities:

  • Efficient data management
    Focus your design organization on product development by providing the tools to find, share, and reuse data quickly and efficiently.
    Prevent designers from accidentally overwriting files through integrated version control.
    Easily produce customized bills of materials (BOMs) for individual departments.

  • Implement and scale quickly
    Realize an immediate return on your investment by launching SolidWorks Enterprise PDM in just days, then scaling it as your organization grows in people, locations, and partners.
    Quickly adapt SolidWorks Enterprise PDM to your design processes, team structure, and industry through custom configuration.
    Create custom applications to meet specific business requirements through SolidWorks Enterprise PDM’s comprehensive application programming interface (API)

  • Streamline essential processes
    Administrative processes like approvals and sign-offs don’t have to be a drag on your design organization. Use automation and graphical modeling to minimize administrative work, while maintaining accuracy and accountability.
    Increase productivity, quality, and accountability by automating workflows and approval processes.

  • Collaborate without boundaries
    SolidWorks Enterprise PDM creates a single collaborative community regardless of distance and location.
    Enable staff and partners to contribute through remote access portals.

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