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SOLIDWORKS Sustainability, now included with SOLIDWORKS Premium, enables you to assess the environmental impact of the entire design, optimize material selection, part geometry, assess product energy consumption, and guide sourcing decisions.


SolidWorks Sustainability allows users to measure the environmental impact of the products they design in SolidWorks.
The SolidWorks Sustainability products are fully integrated into SolidWorks, and provide real-time feedback on the environmental impacts of Carbon Footprint, Total Energy Consumed, Effect on Water, and Effect on Air.


Conduct life cycle assessment (LCA) on parts or assemblies directly within the design window. Search for comparable materials, see in real time how they affect environmental impact and easily document your findings.


Why SolidWorks Sustainability?
Worldwide awareness of environmental issues has never been more acute. Every day more consumers buy products based on environmental impact, forcing manufacturers to reconsider how they develop and market products. Sustainable design is fast becoming a matter of global corporate citizenship. It means making decisions to ensure future environmental stability. Learn how designing for the environment sets you, your company, and your products apart.

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