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CADCAMCIM is the only SolidWorks Certified Training and Support Centre, provides all forms of technical support and integrated training on all of the

CAD CAM software in addition to a number of international certifications in various areas of design as a value added reseller for these programs in Egypt

and the Middle East.

Our program is designed to deliver solid knowledge by the Only SolidWorks Certified Experts in the Middle-East.

Number of attendees is limited to ensure the effectiveness and interaction with every participant; thus course capacity is by maximum 10 participants.

CADCAMCIM introduces the highest learning curve to create better designs through our courses.


Training Course Start Date Duration Location Registration

Certified SolidWorks Professional Preparation Course 

20/05 /2018 32 hours Cairo Register
Certified SolidWorks Expert Preparation Course  20/05/2018 140 hours Cairo Register 

SolidWorks Simulation Course

04/06/2018 40 hours Cairo Register
Certified SolidWorks Sheet metal & Weldment Preparation Course  20/06/2018 32 hours Cairo Register 

SolidWorks Surface Course

20/07/2018 24 hours Cairo Register


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