FreeScan UE

As the blue laser handheld 3D scanner of the FreeScan series, FreeScan UE inherits the iconic features of "high accuracy" and "high precision". At the same time ergonomic and lightweight equipment design, make it easier to hold and operate, providing metrology-grade, high-accuracy inspection solutions for the automotive, transportation, aerospace industry, molding inspection, energy generation, machinery manufacturing and etc…
Scan ModeMultiple Lines Scan, Single Line Scan
Scan AccuracyMaximum 0.02mm
Volumetric Accuracy0.02+0.04mm/m
Scan Speed650,000 points/s (UE7); 1,020,000 points/s (UE11)
Working Distance500mm
Max. Scan Depth300mm-700mm
Max. Scan Range510mm*520mm
Special Distance between Points0.05mm-3mm
Light Source14 lines+1 line blue laser ray (UE7); 22 lines +1 line blue laser ray (UE11)
Light CategoryClass 2M (eye safe)
Transmission ModeUSB 3.0
Working Temperature-20℃-40℃
Working Moisture10-90%
Wireless Functionoptional
Inspection ModuleEINSENSE Q 3D digitized inspection software (optional)
Recommended Computer ConfigurationSystem:Win10,64位;Grafic Card:NVIDIA Series,GTX1080 and higher;GPU Memory:≥4G;Processor:I7-8700;Memory:≥32GB