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SolidWorks Implementations

SolidWorks Implementation:

When it comes to business, Training is not enough. With SolidWorks Implementation we work together to develop the overall process related to product development and product life cycle as related to Processes, Such New Product Development, Standardization, Design Validation (Simulation), Conformity, manufacturing, Sales, After Sales, Quality and all the data flow, tools and procedures associated.

Our proposal is to schedule sessions with key Stakeholder representing those departments (Manager or Senior Fellow) to be able to best understand current/ AS IS situation and identify the areas of improvement so that we can better make recommendation. In these meetings will have a grasp of the critical elements, and then use the conclusion of the Process analysis so to decide on a project that will be implemented with the Customer parts and models.

With this approach, we help our customer to have a significant business impact in terms of Cost Reduction, productivity and Time compression.