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  • Focused on the Tool & Die and Metal Stamping market
  • Includes all Logopress3 software products in one package
  • Advanced Flattening features
  • Logopress3 BLANK for complex 3D parts (automotive or double-curved)
  • Logopress3 Unbending unbends “dirty” sheet metal parts that SolidWorks sheet metal alone cannot unbend. Allows for moved center partial unbends, springback, automatic bend allowance/k-factor calculation, etc.
  • Strip layout + Round Draw Module
  • Intelligent Standard Component library
  • Many specific Tool & Die functions
  • Dynamic Interference Detection and Animation
  • Most of the 2D drawings are created automatically

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Logopress3F for SolidWorks® offers finite element analysis together with flattening capabilities, helping the designer and/or estimator quickly and easily determine the theoretical blank of a complex 3D formed part. Native models as well as imported models can be used. Logopress3F is NOT only for the Tool & Die Industry.

Experience has shown that users can quickly, easily and accurately flatten parts from various applications such as:

  • Complex 3D Shaped Parts
  • Cloth (Car Seats, Textile Industry)
  • Plastics, Adhesives
  • Leather (Shoes)
  • Canvas and Nylon (Tents and Bags)
  • Inflatable Objects
  • Packing, Packaging
  • Orthopedic Braces (Medical Industry)
  • Automotive Type, Double Curved Surfaces