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STRIKER Sheet Metal CAD/CAM & Nesting Software provides auto nesting of SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies and programming of CNC punching, cutting, and hybrid machine tools. From interactive to fully automatic, STRIKER software adapts to the production requirements of all sheet metal manufacturers.

Striker Systems, a world leader in the sheet metal forming and fabrication software industry, is pleased to introduce Fab Professional for SOLIDWORKS®. Never before has it been this easy to manufacture sheet metal parts from SOLIDWORKS®. Fab Professional includes the following features for the sheet metal manufacturer: Part Nesting Either for the job shop environment or for the production manufacturer, Fab Professional offers complete part nesting capability to reduce scrap, decrease run times, and increase the throughput of your machines. Nest jobs can be interactively defined or automatically created via the Fab Professional MRP interface. Automatic CNC Programming Whether you are programming a turret punch press; laser, plasma, water jet, oxy-fuel, or a combination machine, Fab Professional will automatically generate NC programs to drive your CNC equipment. This includes automatic selection and placement of tools, automatic creation of proper lead-in/lead-out information, automatic handling of laser conditioning, kerf values, etc. Runtime Optimization To optimize your CNC machine runtime, Fab Professional analyzes the part layout to determine the optimal tool order and toolpath. Advanced Report Generator Fab Professional generates a production package including reports for machine and tool setup, runtimes, and nest reports including parts per sheet and material utilization. Reports can be printed or accessed online. Striker Systems also offers many other manufacturing solutions for the precision sheet metal fabricator, including SS-ProfitFab shop floor management software and SS-Laser INSPEC, a laser-based first article inspection system for sheetmetal parts.

Striker Systems is a global leader in the development of sheet metal CAD/CAM and nesting software for CNC punching, cutting, and hybrid machine tools. For over 30 years, Striker Systems has assisted sheet metal fabricators with the production of parts – accurately, on time, and at the lowest cost.